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There are various types of grants available for house insulation that can save you considerable amounts of money.  

If your loft is not insulated, you will be paying for heating that may be going straight out of your roof.  This could amount to as much as 33% of your heating bill.

As much as 35% of all heat loss is through external walls - cavity wall insulation can significantly reduce the heat loss and save you money.

The types of grants available to help reduce heating loss could save you hundreds of pounds per year - they are worth investigating. The qualification process changes on a regular basis, so if you have not previously qualified, it is worth re-checking every 6 months to see if you are eligible.

An old boiler may be inefficient and could unnecessarily be costing you money. Some companies offer interest free finance for boiler replacement. These offers may change, so it is advisable to shop around and see what's available.

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Find energy grants and ways to improve your energy efficiency

You might be eligible for help with your energy bills or to make your home more energy efficient.

To find out what energy saving improvements can help, you’ll need to know:

  • what kind of measures you already have (eg, insulation or double glazing)

  • a general idea of when your home was built