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Bio Bean are the world’s largest recycler of spent coffee grounds, turning grounds into such products as fire logs, pellets for biomass boilers and natural flavourings from the natural chemical compounds contained within the coffee beans.  Bio Bean are a truly innovative company with their product development and proprietary methodologies for ensuring that spent coffee grounds remain in the food chain and are used in a range of other applications. Coffee logs exploit the high calorific value of coffee and burn approximately 20% more efficiently than kiln dried wood.  Each log contains the grounds from roughly 25 cups of coffee, collected from businesses across the UK. The natural chemical composition of spent coffee is used for flavour and fragrance products, cosmetics, dyes, pigments and much more.  The recycled grounds offer an environmental sustainable alternative to using virgin or synthetic resources.  As a recycled product, they save on harmful greenhouse gas emissions, generating 80% less than if they were sent to landfill.

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DRESD are highly creative thinkers in the world of recycling.  Before DRESD was formed, their pioneers worked with colleges and art departments on the reuse of material. Their work then expanded into recycling in the automotive industry where they worked with the large manufactures such as the Ford Motor Company where they designed furniture items from Ford's waste material. At the same time they worked in the event industry promoting sustainability before transitioning into the film industry.  In 2012 they began providing services to the broadcast industry and have handled large scale waste projects. Their mission was borne through the principle of recycling and they have the experience to understand how the production process can impact the environment. They provide the broadcast industry with an alternative to set waste being sent to landfill and they offer a number of different solutions for waste reduction, for example repurposing sets, storage and recycling, as well as sustainably sourced event builds using recycled materials. DRESD are a certified Albert supplier, the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV, they are recommended by the BBC and continually strive to deliver a cost effective service with sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

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Just Clear was started by Brendan O'Shea, following a successful career in commercial banking. The business incorporated in 2012 and is a house clearance and rubbish removal company based in the UK, serving both the personal and business sectors with the mission of zero-to-landfill. Just Clear is a multi-award winning business and has been rated 'Best in Practice' for House Clearance Service in 2017, 2018, and 2019.  Just Clear is one the UK's largest clearance services and based on their recycling initiatives, they turn waste into a commodity. Working with social enterprises and good causes, they achieve an impressive reuse rate leading to a significant landfill reduction on their clearance collections.  They identify items for donation, recycling and auction. Just Clear operate nationwide and is leading the charge for planet sustainability in the house clearance market.

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