R&D Tax Credits


Research and Development Tax Credits enable companies that incur costs in developing or improving new products, processes or services to receive a cash payment or tax deduction.  

The scope of qualifying activities and costs is huge and the Aspen Waite team are expects in identifying them.  Aspen Waite maximise the benefit to you because of their specialist tax knowledge and value added approach.


As the need for more efficient, intelligent, environmentally-friendly technology and products increases, the UK is quickly becoming a hub for innovative companies across a range of industries. Often these developments require substantial cost, manpower, specialist knowledge and time - and this is where the R&D Tax Credits Scheme sets out to help. However, many companies are missing out on valuable tax credits or cash they are entitled to.


R&D Tax Credits are one of the most powerful tax planning tools available to UK companies.  It doesn't matter if you are a start-up or established company, loss making or in profit, you can benefit from the scheme.  

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For a profitable company, an R&D claim reduces its profits chargeable to corporation tax.


For a loss-making company, R&D claims let you surrender this for a cash repayment.

Qualifying companies can go back up to two years, and claim every year going forwards, so for a first time claimant, you can often make 3 claims in a short period of time.  This often results in substantial amounts of tax credit or cash to reinvest in your business.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to you unless Aspen Waite are successful. It is a risk free service to you and you company.  The Aspen Waite fee covers everything from start to finish and there are no hidden extras. Aspen Waite guarantee to help any qualifying company - anywhere, regardless of size of fee.

How does it work?


Initial Contact


Simply fill out the short form below and Aspen Waite will arrange a call or meeting to understand your business, the work you do and to explain the scheme in detail.

Fact Finding


Aspen Waite will review your accounts and talk to key people in your business to help uncover R&D activities for which money can be claimed.

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The Technical Part


Aspen Waite produce a detailed report, calculate the claim value and file an amended tax return.

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HMRC Payments


It generally takes between 4 - 6 weeks for HMRC to process a claim and for you to receive the credit or cash.


You have nothing to lose but much to gain so why not see what we can do for you. Please fill in the eligibility checker below and we'll be in touch. 

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R&D Tax Credits Client Eligibility  Checker
Have you heard about the R&D Tax Credit Scheme and / or ever made a claim?
Does the company provide solutions to customers that are in anyway bespoke, ingenious or novel?
Has the company invested in in-house software or IT solutions?
Does the company invest in product development and / or new processes? This includes adaptions and new designs.
Does the company undertake any environmental initiatives such as a reduced carbon footprint, lower energy consumption, reduced trips to landfill or recycling of product?

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