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As the founder of Ecocert I'm passionate about bringing customers great products and services at competitive prices. I want our customers to have a great experience and will do everything possible to ensure that happens.  At Ecocert we bring you something different in conjunction with lifestyle improvement and protection of the planet. If you operate a business and share our vision for ethical business and wish to provide your services through Ecocert, please contact me by either email or telephone. 



Social Media Marketing Manager

A creative artist that produces original and unique works of art through various medias with timeless appeal. My role is to push the boundaries of social media and art to generate greater awareness of everything we do and what we stand for and give you the opportunity to invest in a unique piece of my work whilst supporting environmental improvement.



Independent Adviser

A marketing professional with a background of developing and implementing corporate marketing strategies for multi-national companies. My experience includes new product development and pan-european distribution. My role is to identify new opportunities and help develop international distribution capabilities for Eco Platform members. 

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Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:30      

Ecocert International Ltd

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Tel: 0117 370 5804