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Arcola Theatre in East London presents plays, operas and musicals.  The building hosts two studio theatres, rehearsal studies and a café.  The Arcola Energy Project aims to make the Arcola the first carbon neutral theatre.  Currently they have reduced their carbon footprint by 25%.  They set up Arcola Energy LTD In 2010 to develop technology in commercial settings and come up with alternative energy solutions. They installed 24 square meters of solar panels to generate electricity. At their peak these panels produce up to 6 kilowatts of green electricity, most of which is used by the theatre. Any electricity that is not used is fed into the national grid.


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Responsible Travel have been selling authentic sustainable travel since 2001. Providing connections to more than 400 specialist and small travel companies. They understand their Carbon footprint and operate with complete transparency whilst consulting with experts and NGO’s to create a plan for aviation and climate change. Most importantly they are lobbying Governments to adopt it. They offer a bespoke screening policy to improve sustainability practices with partner companies with ethical animal and environmental tourism at the heart of everything.  They have ABTA protection and can take you to a wide variety of destinations and offer you over 700 travel guides that give honest impartial advice to help you plan your next holiday.  They offer 2 broad types of authentic holiday: 1. Small group holidays for typically 16 -20 travellers and an expert tour guide and 2. Tailor made trips just for you.


Cycling for Softies has been promoting environmentally friendly cycling holidays for over 30 years. They are committed to encouraging responsible travel and hope to make travel sustainable for the long-term by encouraging their staff and clients to support the environment and local economies. Their cycling tours are designed to ensure minimum impact on the environment by encouraging visitors to visit the regions by bike. Clients book over the phone and they’ve reduced the need for paper-booking forms and all of the travel documents are sent using recyclable materials. Whenever they purchase new bike equipment, they donate redundant equipment to local businesses or charities and as a business they support several cycle charities and often take part in charity cycle races.  Their leisurely cycling holidays aren’t about clocking up the miles, they're about giving you a great experience with beautiful views in every direction; what better way to explore the beautiful wine regions of France and Italy than by bicycle? Their leisurely cycling holidays are all about taking it nice and slow. Stopping and exploring, eating glorious meals, staying in delightful hotels (your luggage is carried for you) and indulging in the knowledge that everything else has been taken care of. Wherever possible they work with locally owned hotels and apartments to enhance your experience of the local environment.

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