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Nightingale truly are jewellers of distinction; their designers can help you create the perfect ring from scratch.  All mined diamonds are ethically mined and have a traceable origin.  They also use certified diamonds grown in a lab. This type of diamond is chemically, physically and aesthetically identical to a mined diamond; it is the real thing and is certified by the same authority that certifies mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds so you get a higher quality product for less cost and with different coloured diamonds you're sure to create something very special with a personal designer.  Nightingale give you a true ethical choice because lab diamonds have very little environmental impact as there is no mining involved. Nightingale put people and the planet before profit, they protect against exploited labour and ensure that in everything they do there is minimal environmental impact. They have made it their mission to change the jewellery industry from within and with workshops rather than shops, they can keep their prices lower than the High Street. You can book an appointment on line and visit their showroom in York, you're sure to be inspired.