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Mamoq offers a range of ladies and mens clothing, handcrafted jewellery, colourful up-cycled sneakers, eco-friendly fitness and swimwear, handcrafted bags, organic lingerie for women and a selection of artisan homewares. Born from a desire to better understand the things we buy, and ultimately feel good about buying them Mamoq will only partner with brands that share their love of fashion and a vision for a safer, fairer and more sustainable fashion industry. With over 90 different brands on sale, Mamoq offers something for everyone, whether it’s for the kitchen, the gym, the pool, the bedroom or the great outdoors.

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The Wise House is an independent shop set up by Lucy Taylor that is based outside of London, UK. The Wise House has been open for many years and brings you a bijou range of eco-friendly gifts and ethical products that will help you to swap single use for reusable - and synthetic for natural. Many of their products are made in the UK by other small businesses. All are made ethically and support environmental sustainability, to provide customers with a range of products that are kinder to the planet and the people who make them. Everything is packed with care, using plastic-free packaging. Check out Lucy's top tips for making school events eco friendly and top tips for an eco friendly office.  Also 5 swaps for a more eco friendly skincare and beauty routine.



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The Cheeky Panda is driving innovation in the provision of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional paper-based tissue products.  They produce toilet tissue, kitchen towels, wet wipes and other hygiene products all from 100% FSC certified virgin bamboo from sustainable sources.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and as there is currently a huge surplus of naturally sustainable bamboo that is not being utilised, it made sense to the two entrepreneurs to use bamboo in their products rather than tree pulp. The co-founders, Julie Chen and Chris Forbes started the business in 2016 and already the business is the No1 best seller of bamboo tissue products on Amazon. The founders are on a mission to conserve the environment, provide innovative products, enrich people's lives and inspire a fun environmentally conscious lifestyle. The Cheeky Panda is a certified B company and is also certified by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. Free from the chemicals in regular and recycled paper products, this is a solution that saves trees (almost 40,000 to date) and animal habitats. Partnering with the World Land Trust, they are also 100% carbon neutral.

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Chadni Chowk started in 1978 and specialises in high quality hand made textiles from India. As a fair trade company they have environmental protection at the heart of their business and have the stated aim of minimising their impact on everything they do.  They work with many different groups of crafts people across India and their suppliers are small family businesses or cottage industries vetted by Chadni Chowk.  The quality of working conditions and product quality are paramount, and a fair price is paid for the work done. Only natural fibres are used, including organic cotton where possible. Natural dyes are used preferentially within their collection. Their product range covers mens and ladies fashion, home furnishings, rugs, jewellery and a wide range of accessories. Chandni Chowk offer the complete range through their wholesale division, if you are a retailer that wishes to stock their range, please contact them directly.  You're sure to find some great gift ideas and some great items for those warm summer days that will keep you cool and looking cool.

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