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Arbor is a 2AA rosette restaurant in Bournemouth, providing seasonable food sourced from local farms and trawlers.  The restaurant focusses on its environmental credentials and serves well-cooked, honest, uncomplicated but imaginative food.  The interior is modern and informal so you can kick back and relax over a nice glass of wine. There's a cosy bar where you can chill in comfort after a relaxing meal. The restaurant is open all day for relaxed dining in peaceful surroundings, perfect for the "Ladies who Lunch". Arbor follows Marine Stewardship Council guidelines in sourcing fish, aiming from port to plate in less than 24 hours. Meat is sourced locally and is free range and organic. Fruit and vegetables are again sourced locally from micro growers within a few miles of the restaurant. The Sustainable Restaurant Association recently awarded Arbor top marks for their efforts.

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Bagelman started as a one-man bagel delivery service in 1996.  It opened its first bagel store in Brighton in 1999 and the brand promise is that it bakes fresh bagels every day, always has and always will. They make fresh to order from their local bakery. Waste reduction was a concern that Bagelman sought to address, as there was always some leftover bagels from each day’s batch. With this in mind they set about finding something useful to do with the leftovers and after a little digging, found out that waste bread could be used to brew beer; following which Bagelman partnered with Franklins microbrewery to provide them the redundant bagels to use in brewing beer, thereby reducing the waste, and, as part of the 360 process, Franklins then provides the yeast as part of the fermentation process back to Bagelman for them to bake the bagels.  Having got the venture off the ground, the beer then needed a name.  There is a famous saying in bagel lore "The optimist sees the bagel, the pessimist see the hole". Thus the name of the beer "Optimist" was born, the craft beer that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Boston Tea Party is a cafe business operating in a number of cities mainly in the South West. The cafe serves a wide range of breakfasts and brunch, soups, burgers, and beverages including smoothies, iced coffees, soft drinks, juice and milkshakes as well as craft beers and wines.  BTP are on a mission to serve simple and well prepared food and drinks made with ethically sourced ingredients, they only use free range meat and eggs and organic milk.  In 2018 they were the first café business to ban single use coffee cups, the majority of which were not being recycled but ending up in landfill.  Each of their cafes is designed to be a one-off, a cherished local. BTP offers options to bring your own coffee cup, buy a reusable cup or to subscribe to their loan cup scheme. In addition, BTP care about their impact on the plant, are powered by green energy and they look to minimise food wastage, and believe in using their business as a force for good by making positive stuff happen in local communities.



Coffee Plant is a retail shop and coffee wholesaling business, specialising in organic and Fairtrade pure arabica coffees.  The coffee shop is located at 180 Portobello Road, London; is open 7 days per week and all roasting is done locally at their Wembley factory.  The story starts in 1985 when Ian Henshall started roasting coffee on the street corner in Portobello Road and in 1997 the business moved to a shop near the street corner when the business really took off. The wholesale and mail order business is growing and they send coffee all over the UK and to nearby European countries. You can order online or by phone.  Most of Coffee Plant’s coffee is dual certified organic and Fairtrade, and they look to uphold the integrity of both systems. Organic certification ensures spot checks for unauthorised pesticides, while Fairtrade regularly audits producer accounts to ensure compliance. The coffee shop has a number of celebrity fans and has received glowing reviews.



Poco is a Tapas café in Bristol that also provides festival food.  Since its birth in 2004 Poco has provided the UK's best festivals with scrumptious food for hungry revellers. The first shop was set up in 2011 in Stokes Croft, Bristol; an area as vibrant and full of flavour as their food.  Their core mission includes food seasonality, locality, and a commitment to sustainability. Poco was voted Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ in 2016 and 2018.  Suppliers are chosen for quality and ethics; the latter including organic where possible, traceability and sourced within 50-100 miles where possible. 95-100% of food waste is composted and recycled.  Wastage itself is measured carefully with a view to reducing it as far as possible.  Poco support the Soil Association, the Marine Conservation Society amongst other charities. A great menu and a great atmosphere, well worth a visit.



From one man and a wheelbarrow to an award-winning organic delivery company. Riverford Organic Farmers provide approximately 47,000 home grown organic vegetable, fruit and meat boxes direct to customers weekly.  Customers can choose from a variety of standard boxes or create their own bespoke selection.  Their organic vegetable boxes are approximately 5% cheaper than the supermarket equivalent.  Currently, their veg boxes contain 77% less plastic than supermarket organic veg and they have made a commitment for their fruit and veg to be 100% plastic free by December 2020. They have a mission to Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and they seek to balance the three issues of climate change, marine and land pollution, and food waste. Riverfood have an award-winning restaurant and pub where organic veg is the star.  Here you can expect a flavoursome feast that changes every day to reflect what's at its best in the field that day along with organic meat and fish options. Riverford have won several awards, including Food Magazine winner, Best Ethical Food project, and Soil Association Best Organic Farmer.

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Battlesteads fly the flag for planet sustainability. They offer a pub, hotel and restaurant in Wark on Tyne, Northumberland.  They have extensive gardens in which they grow their own vegetables and fruit that are served in their award winning restaurant.  They have won multiple awards including the Considerate Hotelier, the Good Hotel Guide and a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme. As well as the hotel's 17 ensuite bedrooms, they have 5 luxury and environmentally friendly timber lodges that were built out of sustainable wood and have underfloor heating for a cosy stay. They are considered to be the greenest hotel in Northumberland and were the first hotel to install a carbon neutral heating system.  They act as green ambassadors to the hospitality and are continually innovating with ecological initiatives such things as a solar thermal system for water heating and a wild mushroom farm on site. 


Café Ode is located in Shaldon, Devon and provides a full menu, six days a week.  Rated 94% sustainable by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, they are twice winner of the SRA's Sustainable Restaurant of the Year award and are found in the Good Food Guide. Café Ode truly have sustainability at the heart of everything they do. The business focuses on offering quality food and service that are all under-pinned with 3 core values: 1. sourcing, 2. environment and 3. community. They source from local farmers that are committed to high environmentally standards and only purchase high welfare meat and dairy to combat animal cruelty and protect the environment. They effectively manage waste and have a recycling programme and continually seek to improve energy efficiency. They look to make a positive difference in the community and protect the marine environment by only sourcing from sustainable fish stocks. With a fabulous menu that offers well balanced options you're sure to find some delicious fare here.



Hampstead Tea's beginning can be traced back to July 1989 when Kiran (the founder) walked into the London office of the Tea Board of India where she met Rajah Banerjee who inspired her to launch her own tea growing business.  Hampstead Tea were rated joint no1ethical tea brand in the UK in November 2018 for the 2nd year running. They provide a variety of black, green, iced, fruit and herbal teas.  All teas are organic with many being Demeter (biodynamic) certified, the highest standard for sustainable agriculture, often referred to as ‘organic plus’. Hampstead Tea was awarded best in category at the Organic Food Awards for their Darjeeling Whole Leaf Tea. They were the first company to stitch tea bags, rather than using plastic based glues, and also offer NatureFlex – a plastic like material based on renewable wood pulp. They ship their tea worldwide; all hot and iced teas are gluten free and vegan friendly, so with the many different flavours available you've got a great choice for a nice relaxing morning or afternoon cup.

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