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With the realisation that climate change is the greatest issue facing us today, consumers across the World are demanding that businesses continually improve their efficiency to reduce their carbon footprint whilst at the same time increasing customer choice by providing better environmentally friendly products that meet their needs at sensible and affordable prices. 

At Ecocert we continually review how companies are improving their green credentials and the innovation that they are launching to market in order to give you better products and services whilst helping to save the planet from climate change impact. 

We help customers in a number of different ways:

Ecocert Partners

We are continually adding products and services to our Partners Programme on which customers can obtain discounts. Customers can be confident that they are dealing with businesses that provide great products or services that have been rigorously reviewed and assessed and deliver positive benefits to the protection of the planet.  Ecocert do not take a commission on any product or service sale, 100% of the saving is passed onto customers.  There is a small annual charge for membership of the Partners Programme that covers our administration and work in sourcing new deals for customers.  If you would like to access great products and services at a discounted price please sign up below, you can cancel your membership at anytime.  Membership cost is £2 per month.

Business Certification

By analysing business operations and identifying and certifying those businesses that have a culture of environmental protection at their heart.  Our certification is a 'trust mark' that customers can rely upon that demonstrates one or more of the following:

  • The business is on a cycle of continuous improvement in its carbon footprint reduction

  • The business has developed products or services that help customers reduce their carbon footprint

  • The business is innovating new products or services that will help reduce the impact of climate change

Our Awards Programme

Customers know that where a product or service has been awarded the Ecocert logo, that the product or service has been rigorously reviewed and assessed and delivers positive benefits to the management of climate change.

Forestry Expansion

By helping customers identify businesses and market leading products and services that contribute towards the management of climate change, Ecocert can invest in forestry expansion, thereby helping to improve the environment for customers of the businesses that are truly working towards the reduction in climate change impact.