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Businesses that take a smart, forward thinking approach to marketing use a combined strategy of focusing on primary benefits of the product, i.e. how the product can benefit the customer personally in conjunction with an environmental declaration, but until recently there was no consistent recognisable and trusted customer logo which is why the Ecocert Certification was developed.


The Ecocert Certification provides businesses with an instantly recognisable international logo that customers can identify with.  The unique and distinguishable logo demonstrates that the business has a culture of environmental protection built into their operating policies and procedures.  A business achieves Certification via a self-assessment quality assurance program that is easy to complete and comprehensively covers all of the important areas.  Through self-assessment your business can benchmark its current position and implement a change programme for saving money along with environmental improvement. As you implement change you can resubmit a new self-assessment in order to upgrade your certification standard - you can do this free of charge as often as you wish.  

The Ecocert Certification in conjunction with the Ecocert Awards Programme along with our various business services provides businesses with the opportunity to serve more customers, improve staff retention, grow their business and access a range of business services at special membership rates. 

Please complete your self-assessment via the application form below.

For Business

We certify

organisations whose culture has environmental protection at their heart.

For Customers

Our certification is a sign to customers that they can trust the ethical nature of the organisation they are dealing with.

For All

Business, customers and woodland organisations working together to save the planet one day at a time.


Profits from Certification Fees are used for forestry expansion and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Certification Fees (per month ex VAT)

Number of employees


11 - 30

31 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 250

251 - 500

501 - 1000

1000 +









Features & Benefits of Certification

As a member of the Certification Scheme, a business benefits from:


  • A 25% saving on all car leasing.

  • A personal account manager for all of our services.

  • Reduced fees on business finance applications.

  • Smart energy saving information that can help the business make some real changes that enable it to reduce overhead costs and save the business money.

  • Improved employee engagement and increased morale. This can translate into improved productivity and fewer sick days.

  • Helping to recruit new talent by attracting quality employees that support sustainability.

  • Having employees engaged in environmental protection thus making it easier for the business to achieve its corporate environmental goals.

  • A certification that helps to promote the business and appeal to like-minded customers that will want to support the business.

  • Unlimited use of the Ecocert logo and Certification Rating on their marketing material (including email) thus highlighting to customers and other businesses the ethical culture of the organisation.

  • Periodic updates from Ecocert that the business can use on its website and marketing material in order to promote to customers its own green activity and credentials.


Let us help you achieve a 5 tree rating

Ecocert Rating

  • Get certified to grow your business.

  • Stand out from the competition.

  • Improve your reputation.

  • Grow your revenue and profits.

Ecocert Self-Assessment Application


Do you actively consider consumer preferences and how they view your green credentials?

Do you actively consider the customer and financial benefits

of running an environmentally friendly business?

Have you actively considered that you can attract better talent & more highly motivated staff if the business is eco-friendly?

Have you actively considered the health benefits for employees by running an eco-friendly business?

Energy Use

Is motion sensitive lighting installed?

Are energy saving lightbulbs used?

Do you have an HVAC management policy and is it rigorously managed?

Do you produce your own energy?

Are staff required to switch off computers overnight?

Do you have instant boiling water on tap?

Do you update your technology on a periodic basis?

Do you have energy conservation posters prominently displayed?

Do you conducted regular energy audits?

Do you have a programme for the procurement of energy efficient office equipment?

Are the thermostats programmed for energy saving?

Are you aware of phantom energy and how to prevent it?

Can you control your landscaping?

Are staff actively engaged in energy saving practices?

Do you have a programme for actively looking to eliminate heating /cooling loss?

Do you avoid over-sizing when replacing equipment?

Do you regularly change air filters?

Are the air ducts actively maintained?

Do you have an energy management team?

Do you use vending machines?

Waste Management

Do you reuse and recycle?

Are you actively working towards being paperless?

Are your printers set to double sided printing?


Do you offer a cycle to work scheme?

Do you use technology for virtual meetings?

Do you have a Fleet Management policy that encourages low emission vehicle usage?

Thank you for applying for Certification, we will:


1) Evaluate the submission and determine your rating;

2) Provide you with certification documentation with your certified rating;

3) Provide you with a high resolution image of the logo for use in your marketing material etc;

4) Provide you with a personalised report with information and ideas to help you save money; 

5) Inform you who your Account Manager is and provide you with their personal contact details;

6) Provide you with special discounted rates for car leasing and business finance.

We will NOT:

a) Share your details with any third party unless we have your permission to do so for one of our services. 

b) Send you useless emails or unwanted marketing material.