CEO Statement

Thank you for taking the time to review the positive action we are taking to tackle climate change.

For those that like to pigeon-hole or apply labels, we're truly sorry to disappoint you but we don't do politics or propaganda,  we do science and aspiration. We're not on the political left or right and we're not a protest movement, we concentrate on finding and bringing you the best and sometimes exclusive products and services from businesses that support planet sustainability.   So for all those that want to label us as 'fringe', 'tree-huggers', 'crusties', 'leaf-lickers', 'radicals', 'eco-warriors' etc..., we are none of those, we are more.  

We have studied climate change for more than a decade and we have examined and questioned the evidence and findings from many areas and the fact is that unless positive action is taken to tackle climate change then the world will continue to experience unique adverse weather events that will ultimately lead to permanent detrimental change for the World's ecology and environment and negative impacts in many areas, such as agriculture, economic growth and stability, health and wellbeing and life expectancy.      


A cold virus doesn't discriminate on political views, you just get it and more often than not you don't know where from; it just happens and climate change is exactly the same, it's just happening and it's happening for a variety of reasons; it doesn't matter if you're politically left or right, you will be affected. 

The latest European Commission climate change survey findings are:

  • 92% of EU citizens see climate change as a serious problem and 74% see it as a "very serious" problem.

  • Nearly nine in ten believe it is important for their national government to set targets to increase renewable energy use by 2030 (89%) and provide support for improving energy efficiency by 2030 (88%).


  • The vast majority (79%) also agree that more public financial support should be given to clean energies, even if it means reducing fossil fuel subsidies.


  • 90% of the survey respondents had recently taken one personal action against climate change. Almost eight in ten EU citizens (79%) believe that fighting climate change and using energy more efficiently can boost the economy. 

Governments and politicians of all parties come and go, political dogma changes but science is fact and the fact is that climate change is happening now and the evidence is clear to see.


National and international Government cooperation is necessary if climate change is truly to be tackled but time is running out which is why we believe that climate change is too important to be left in the hands of politicians who continually demonstrate inertia and have competing priorities and political compromises to make, so we cast aside political constraints and use the power of business combined with environmental science because clean air, clean water and having a beautiful thriving planet to live on is your right, your family's right, my right, in fact everyone's right, so I urge you to "own the future" to get involved and work with us to help contribute to securing a brighter future for all. 

Thank you for your support.