Car Affinity Scheme

The Ecocert Affinity Scheme:

  • Is available to businesses of any size;

  • Helps employees get into a higher specification car for lower cost than if they went independently to a dealer;

  • Brings a wide array of benefits to employers, employees and the planet;

  • Is a powerful addition to the business when used with savings through R&D Tax Credits.

Vip Ride

The Ecocert market leading vehicle Affinity Scheme has the triple benefit of:

  1. Helping employers to attract, reward and retain employees;

  2. Helping to make employees money go further, especially if salary sacrifice is used;

  3. Helping to contribute towards planet sustainability.


The Ecocert scheme is very attractive to both employers and their employees because:

  • The scheme has zero cost to employers and provides businesses with alternative ways of rewarding staff.

  • For employees, participation in the scheme can result in savings of thousands of pounds over the vehicle leasing period.

  • There are no unexpected maintenance or repair costs – subject to normal wear and tear conditions – meaning that employees are less likely to be hit with a big repair bill. 

  • Employers have the discretion on who benefits from the scheme.

Because every business is different and car manufacturers are continually providing new offers we bespoke the affinity scheme to your requirements at the time that you want it.  We do hope that you will take full advantage of the many benefits that the affinity scheme has to offer and you can get more information on business contract hire by clicking here.

Please consider us if you want to implement a scheme or just wish to know more.