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Greenhouse PR provides communication skills and marketing / brand strategy expertise for green and eco-friendly companies across multiple sectors. They have a track record of helping businesses achieve long-term positive change and deliver real positive impact.  Sectors they currently work in are: Finance, Energy, Transport, Food, Education, Lifestyle, Innovation and Resources. They offer services on brand strategy, public relation, media relations and social media. They are a Certified B Corporation and in 2018 were awarded Communications Agency of the Year at the Business Green Leaders Awards and with planet sustainability at their heart, they are leading the way on green economy expansion. Their founder (Anna Guyer) had a vision to bring together a community of like-minded people who are passionate about creating positive change and exceptional results and with their clients such as The Woodland Trust, Organic Farmers & Growers, Sustainable Soils Alliance and Northern Powergrid (smart energy grid) this is a business that is truly delivering on the vision.





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The Green Office is an eco-friendly stationery supplier. They select only products that are environmentally benign or have clear advantages over standard stationery. The Green Office maintain an environmental policy that positively impacts all activities, including travel, promotion of recycling and collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers to improve environmental best practices. Supplies include FSC certified recycled paper, plastic free binding covers, bamboo desktop stationery and carbon neutral printers.  The business was started in 2008 and focuses on a combination of great service with extensive product lines and remains true to its founding principles of doing the right thing for the planet and they're bold enough to publish their desired legacy which is "to leave this wonderful planet, that we are fortunate enough to call home, in a manner that sees it improving for generations to come for our children, our grandchildren and for generations thereafter" Here you'll find all your office essentials as well as modern contemporary furniture and executive lines. They also stock a wide range of technology for your office needs.

Pureprint is a multi-award winning print and marketing solutions provider that has been in family ownership since 1926.  Through significant investment (£5 million) in 2016 they have state of the art litho printing facilities that make them one of the most modern eco-friendly print production companies in their sector.  Pureprint has environmental protection at its heart and they help clients minimise the environmental impact of their printed publications. They have an environmental management system to minimise the impact from their production facility. Through their education programme they look to make a positive impact with their staff and customers and the wider community and they take a leading role in their industry to drive environmental improvement. They were the first CarbonNeutral printer in the world and they can advise you on carbon foot printing your publications with sustainable papers and how to reduce your print volumes to save you money. Pureprint can provide Carbon Balanced Paper that enables you to differentiate your business by highlighting your positive contribution to preventing climate change through the use of the Word Land Trust and Carbon Balanced Paper logos. 

Ecospace create superb aesthetically stunning buildings made mainly from sustainable wood from certified sources. Their portfolio range includes: modular and bespoke studios: holiday retreats: schools: houses and auto space / garages.  The Ecospace concept was developed many years ago to meet the demands of environmental sustainability with economic benefits. The buildings are highly modular and easily configured to meet your individual requirements. Many Ecospace projects have been completed since the first prototype in 2002. Their philosophy is that "design should work around you. Not vice versa".  Ecospace buildings use the latest technology and construction techniques, they offer various options for interior and exterior finishes. For the home worker, Ecospace studios provide a fabulous option, built from renewable and sustainable wood, they maximise energy efficiency with high insulation through multi layered floors and roofs, and underfloor heating. The studios also come with an option of Sedum roof to improve insulation and create green space.  In addition renewable energy options such as solar panels or wind turbines can be integrated into a custom build. The attention to detail is inspiring and through their design consultation process everything is taken care of to ensure that you get the right building with the right space which is lovingly designed and erected by skilled craftsman in as little as 12 weeks. 

Clear Channel are one of the UK's leading Out of Home advertising and media companies. They operates over 40,000 advertising sites within the UK, including shopping malls, supermarkets, pubs and many other locations. Clear Channel looks to make a positive contribution to society by operating differently to their competitors; their mission is to be a Platform for Good through operating a unique, virtuous business model that funds public infrastructure and services through advertising revenue. For Clear Channel, an integral part of creating the future of media, is that it must be done sustainably. They have been named one of the UK's Top 50 Green Companies by the Sunday Times for four consecutive years.  Clear Channel are committed to the environment and community and have a long history of initiatives, innovation, partnerships and projects with environmental protection at their heart and they have a tradition and traceable history of reducing their environmental impact and giving back to local communities. For Clear Channel, 100% of electricity used comes from renewable sources. In addition, 98% of their waste avoids landfill. They are have an ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System that covers all of their business location in the UK and each location has an environmental leader.  Their Adshel Classic panels have been upgraded from fluorescent tubes to bespoke LED tubes which has reduced the Adshel energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 65%. For advertisers that want high publicity in an environmentally friendly manner Clear Channel could be the clear choice for you. 

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