The Business Why

Customers are willing to pay more for better service and support businesses that are empathetic to their own environmental protection views. As customers become more environmentally conscious, businesses not only need to adapt or risk losing customers to competitors but genuinely need to brand themselves as positive advocates of environmental protection.  

We provide companies with the opportunity to promote themselves, their products and their service through engagement with our awards programme our environmental competitions and our business services. 


latest research demonstrates that European businesses of all sizes are forging ahead with attempts to make their businesses more environmentally sustainable and business owners / executives are serious about trying to improve their business reputation with customers by improving their green credentials, which is where Ecocert can add value to your business. 

Over 93 per cent of the world's business leaders see environmental sustainability as important to their company's future success. Businesses are forging ahead of Governments because they recognise that by improving environmental sustainability along with innovative product / service development they can increase market share and boost profits.

Sustainability has moved from a marginal PR exercise into the boardroom as more and more companies now see it as a commercial imperative.  Corporate commitment to environmentalism is now firmly established because businesses have identified that they can attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and improve profitability from making themselves green. 

This has resulted in a new generation of green-minded managers, which demonstrates that companies' enthusiasm for environmentalism will continue to grow. One-third of executives aged between 25 and 44 believe improving the sustainability of their organisation is "very critical" to its success, with those aged 45 to 54 seeing it as "critical". There has been a shift between the old guard in business who see sustainability as something they had to do and the younger executives who see it as an imperative. 

Being green can help companies gain new clients and enhance the business value because they innovate and manage risks better which could help to avoid a damaging controversy.  


Business Leader Quotes

"Our focus on environment and sustainability has never wavered and it remains at the heart of what we do.”

"We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of becoming the world's most sustainable retailer”
"Our approach to sustainable development is very much part of 'business as usual'."
"Forward-thinking businesses are taking steps now to safeguard their future energy security, by investing in their own renewable generation capacity."
"Climate change policies and regulation in the UK brought green policies into the corporate mainstream, making it an economic issue rather than simply an environmental or social one."
"It's impossible to predict future shocks and crises, but we believe that our continuing commitment to sustainability will help us to withstand them."