Our Story

Ecocert was formed by a group of likeminded business professionals in order to use their experience to help solve one of the most serious issues facing the World today: climate change. As customers of business ourselves it was imperative that in helping to solve the issue we did so whilst ensuring that personal lifestyle choices remain (as far as possible) unaffected because with technological advances and great products and services, saving the planet doesn't have to be dowdy and boring, it can be fun, interesting and exciting.

At Ecocert, we can save you money, save you time and give you great experiences all whilst helping to improve our environment.   We operate on a commercial philanthropic basis in conjunction with the Woodland Trust in order to raise funds to help fight climate change through forestry expansion. We don't profess to solve the problem by ourselves but we do take a stand and look to make a real contribution to a World-wide issue.  Our ethos is to tackle the issue through positive change, not protest.  We provide real benefits to:

  • Businesses

  • Customers

  • The planet

Climate change affects us all; borders are irrelevant. In recent years the World has been subjected to unprecedented floods, droughts, super storms, wildfires and heat waves, all of which are the face of climate change.  The World's weather is becoming ever more extreme before our eyes and the only thing that can stop and possibly reverse the destructive trend is a rapid fall in carbon emissions with probably the most effective solution that helps and enhances our planet being forestry expansion.  Climate change is often talked about as a future problem, not least because we know the consequences of the warming climate are so devastating but for many they just don't want to face up to what is already happening.  Action has to be taken today by all; individual and collective government action is required along with business and personal action.  

In 2018, the most financially costly disasters linked to climate change were Hurricane Florence ($17 billion) and Hurricane Michael ($15 billion) with scientific research demonstrating that the rains that accompanied the hurricanes were made 50% worse than they would have been without the human contribution to rising temperature through increased carbon emissions.

Governments must be a strong driving force for change but are often slow to action and can't solve the problem by themselves; everyone should be involved, which is why we are bringing businesses and customers real benefits through great products and services and are raising awareness via Ecosport, our publications, award programmes and competitions, all of which have one common goal, to raise money to support the extracting of existing carbon emissions through forestry expansion.  


The more trees that we plant the greater the global carbon offset and the more likelihood of meeting the 2030 target and making the planet a better place for us and future generations. Trees improve air quality by taking out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in return provide oxygen for us to breath, they also contribute to supporting wildlife, the conservation of water and soil preservation.


The trees that are planted not only help businesses to become carbon neutral, but they help save the planet from catastrophic climate change.  


Whether you are a business or an individual please consider the services we offer and if you want something exclusive please visit our creative art.

Thank you for your support.

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